How long should my Surface's battery last?


There are TWO(2) considerations that you should make when determining an accurate representation of your Surface's battery life. That is; the Make and Model of your current device, and the Usage of your computer. 

Make and Model: 

Servite College has provide Microsoft Surface to all the Year 11 and Year 12 students. There can be either Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or Microsoft Surface Pro 4. 

Below are Microsoft's direct statements regarding the expected battery life of BOTH the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4. Please be aware, you may or may not get the same results as theses, depending on your usage requirements. 

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    • Up to 9 hours on wireless web browse
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4
    • ​Up to 9 hours on wireless web browse

The difference in battery life from these two models is negligible. Be aware that Microsoft tests the battery life of these computers in conditions of use that are, more than likely, quite different to your own, meaning that there is no guarantee your computer will go for that long. 

​If you are using more WiFi; then your battery life will be significantly less than if you were doing some light web browsing and word processing, This is due to the high power consumption and processing power required to use certain applications. 

​Here are some ways to increase your battery life: 

1. Update to the latest software 
2. Turn off WiFi
3. Reduce your screen brightness 
​4. Quit any unused applications. 
​5. Unplug any unused peripherals (e.g external hard drives)

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