Why won't my WiFi connect even though all my details are correct?


  • Make sure your Data and Time in Settings are correct. If your date and time is out, this will cause the issues with your device connecting to the WiFi. 


To alter your Date and Time,  

1. Open Settings > General > Date & Time 

2. Once you're in the Date & Time settings, set the Time Zone to Perth 


3. Turn on the Set Automatically by moving the slider to ON/Green 


  • Forgot the Network and give the iPad a restart.

1. Open Settings > Wi-Fi 

​2. Click on the Blue Information Button beside the network name. 

3. Select Forgot this Network at the top of the screen and choose Forgot to verify it.

4. Reconnect the network by entering the Username and Password



Once you've updated these setting, try and Log into the WiFi

  • If this doesn't work, or alternatively your Date and Time is correct, try restart your computer. This should fix any problems preventing you from accessing the network. 
  • If none of those approaches work, go see IT Helpdesk 

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