What do I do if my iPad/Surface misplaced at Servite?


If you have Misplaced your iPad or Surface, the first thing that you need to do is to Check with any Staff who Work in the Area where you Last Saw your device. i.e. check with your classroom teachers. 


The next step is to Check with IT Helpdesk or IT Team. IT Team is able to locate your device if it has been opened on school grounds. If you still cannot locate your device after visiting IT team, please tell your ADP (or Homeroom Teacher) that your laptop is missing and that you have advised IT Team. 


If you requires a loan during this time, head to the IT Team and ask for a loan computer. 


If your laptop is still missing after an extended period of time, and there is no report of being opened on school grounds, please Advice the IT Team. You will be issued an Insurance Form and a Replacement System will be arranged. You must also get your parents to submit a Police Report. IT Team can Help you With These Steps.


Police Lost Property reports can be submitted online here:

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