What if my iPad won't charge?


If your iPad won't charge or charges slowly, follow these steps and try again after each: 

1. Make sure the cable is plugged firmly and fully into the iPad, and ensure that the power outlet is switched on. 

2. Check your charging cable and USB adaptor for sign of damage, like breakage or bent. Don't Use Damaged Accessories!!!



3. Your iPad requires at least 10W Power Adapter to charge at full speed. If you are not sure which power adapter came with your iPad, look on the bottom of the power adapter. 



4. Force restart your iPad: Press and hold both the Home and Top buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. 

5. Look in the charging port to see if there is a build up of dirt or lint. You can try gently blowing some air into the port to see if you can disloge this. You MUST NOT poke anything into the charging hole as this may cause accidental harm or electocution. If there is debris lodged inside the charging port, please bring this to IT to have this resolved.


6. If your iPad still won't charge, bring your device, charging cable, and charging adapter to IT Team for evaluation. 


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