How can I record my iPad screen as I explain something?


Explaining an idea or concept with pictures and spoken words together is a very powerful way to consolidate learning.

The free app called Educreations (also runs in any browser) is a quick and easy way to capture explanations and share them in video format.










To set it up simply:

  1. Send students to the App Store on their iPad / iPhone and search for Educreations.
    1. Alternatively, browse to
  2. Open the app and choose SIGN UP.
  3. Sign up as a TEACHER (including students - its quicker) and use the school CEWA email credentials.
  4. Tap the plus to start a new lesson.
  5. Tap plus to add pictures from the camera or a file.
  6. Tap record to start recording.
  7. Tap the pencil and a colour to draw while you speak.
  8. Tap pause, add a page, continue recording.
  9. Tap pause, then play to hear and see what you have created.
  10. Tap the SHARE button to save to the camera roll.
  11. Tap SHARE again to copy the link and paste it onto a Onenote page.



Detailed Video Explanation - How to use the app Educreations



  1. Science Teacher library
  2. Student explains photosynthesis - exported to Youtube

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