How can I record audio only on my iPad for upload to SEQTA?



  1. Recording audio comments and explanations is a powerful way to consolidate learning.
  2.  If students are recording their voice as an assessment piece to be uploaded to SEQTA, it is best to use the Voice Recorder Pro (VRP) app which is available from the Apple App Store.
  3. Under NO circumstances, should students record audio or video into OneNote.
  4. Making an audio recording using the camera app will result in a video that is much larger than necessary.

To record audio:

  1. Open VRP


  1. Check sound volume is at least 3/4 by  - adjusting the volume buttons on the side of the ipad.
  2. Connect an ear bud microphone if available


  1. Tap record
  2. Tap record again and do a short test recording.


  1. Tap stop.
  2. Tap PLAY.


To Save

  1. Tap “Save to photo Album”


Upload recording to SEQTA Learn

  1. Assessments > Upcoming
  2. Tap upload icon
  3. Add files
  4. My device


  1. Photo Library


  1. Choose recording (It says it is a video recording but it is an audio)


  1. Tap Use


How might this technique be used with students: 

  • General: Make a brief audio recording (2 mins max)  to describe 2 things you have learnt in this lesson. [Reflection / EXIT card].
  • Science: Make a brief audio recording (2 mins max)  predicting the chemical reaction that will occur when we combine potassium and water. Include the resultant components.
  • Math: Make a brief audio recording (2 mins max)  to explain what you are thinking when you are solving an algebraic equation.
  • Art: Make a brief audio recording (2 mins max) to tell me why you chose the 3 photos in your digital portfolio.
  • Languages: Make an audio recording of your Oral exam conversation and get some feedback from a classmate .
  • English: Make a brief audio recording (2 mins max) describing 3 traits of the character Ed Kennedy in Markus Zusak’s book “The Messenger”.
  • Humanities: In a brief audio recording (2 mins max), describe one of the film conventions used in the film “The Lion”.
  • HPE: Use a brief audio recording (1 min max) to describe two things you understand Fitts and Posner phases of motor learning
  • T&E: Make a brief audio recording (2 mins max) describing 3 key conventions you might use in the design of an interactive digital media product.

    Updated 8/4/20 to reflect JAMF Pro Changes


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