How can students guide the class from their iPad?


  1. Student Guides: Everyone's a winner



  • While students have iPads and most staff don't, it makes a lot of sense to ask a student to help guide the class. 
  • It's a win, win, win situation.
  • By asking a student to connect their iPad to the classroom screen (projector or TV) and demonstrate a specific process eg. copy a page from the class OneNote content library to their own notebook


  1. Staff win by being freed from the front of the class to move around the room observing  how well the class is able to follow the demonstrated steps. Teachers may also learn some useful iPad shortcuts from their students.
  2. Students win by having the process demonstrated by their classmate in a step by step manner.
  3. The whole class benefits from the feedback staff can offer as they move around the class.


  • As the role of student guide is shared around the class from lesson to lesson:
    • Students get used to sharing work on their iPads with the class.
    • The class screen becomes more of a collaborative tool
    • Students become more accountable for apps they have open on the iPad.
  • Why not give it a try in one of your classes tomorrow…

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