What is the correct file naming convention for assessments I upload/submit?


File Naming Convention for Uploaded/Submitted Assessments


As of the commencement of Term 2 2020, All students are required to use the same naming convention for ALL Uploaded/Submitted Assessments across all platforms, including but not limited to, SEQTA, Teams, Onedrive & Email's.

The following file naming convention is required to be used is listed below:



An example of this is:



Student Username: jcrook

Calendar Year: 2020

Class Name: 10MATHS1 (If you are not sure of the class name, ask you classroom teacher)

Assignment Name: Assignment3


File Name Generator

Enter your details in the boxes below and in the final box, it will generate you a file name for your assignment/submission

Username :

Calendar Year :

Class Name :

Assignment Name :

COPY this File Name :


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