How do I attend a MS Teams Meeting?


Attending an MS Teams Meeting 

Attending an MS Teams Meeting is easy to do by following these steps!

There are two basic methods for joining MS Teams Meetings and these are:

  1. Joining from the email invitation
  2. Joining via the calendar event


Joining from the email invitation

When a meeting organiser schedules an event, you should receive an email notification with the details of the event to your email inbox

When you receive an invite, it will look like this:


Once the time of the event approaches, you can join the meeting by clicking the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" button that is listed within the email below:


Once the link is clicked, this will open up Teams and allow you to join the meeting like normal.



Joining via the calendar event

Once a MS Teams Meeting is scheduled, the meeting is also placed into your Team's calendar

You can find the calendar by clicking on the "Calendar" tab in the left hand bar near the middle. Once you have opened your calendar, you can click on the meeting you need to join.


Once the event has been clicked on, you can then select the join button in the top right hand corner.


Once the join button has been clicked, this screen will display and you can join the meeting as you normally would


You should now be able to attend your MS Team Meetings!


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